January 10, 2018

January 14  – Elders & Deacon’s meeting
                              5:30 p.m.  Children’s Devo


At Lord’s Table
A. M. Service – Don Dilbeck
Assisting – Randy Thompson, Jace Thompson, Daniel Stanley, and Jerry Williams

P.M. Service – Brandon Jones presiding

Prepare Communion
Charlene Johnson

Bake Communion Bread
Shelia Loudermilk

Greet Visitors
Martha Payne and Cheryl Ballew


Leroy Krueger, hospital for congestive heart failure, home now; Shirley Williams,  bronchitis, better now; Della Bowers possible pneumonia; Billy Hensley’s grandmother , very ill; Carey Leonard improving at home, more surgery soon; Shayla Pugh (daughter of Titus & Samantha Pugh) Scottish Rite; Pat Bowman & Scotty Roberson (Sharon Stanley’s cousins) tests; John & Sandra Cearley
Betty Patterson, Scott Mann, Bob & Libby Stuart, all sick; Joanne Lents (Marty Galloway’s sister) sick; Steve Dillard’s son, blood infection

Alice Johnston’s brother in Arizona passed away last week.

Peggy Potts passed away Wednesday evening around 6:00.  Arrangements have not yet been made.

Sandra Cearley, still sick, tests last week; Morris Verner, at worship last Sunday but still sick; Jonas Love (Keith’s great nephew) blood in stool; Alice Rogers (Brenda Manz’s cousin) sick; Betty Patterson, not feeling well; Sharon Stanley, sinus infection; John O’Deh (Trevor’s girlfriend’s father) cancer spread to lung; Pat Bowman (Sharon Stanley’s cousin) heart failure, ICU; Teresa Bryant (Hugh Middleton’s cousin) begin radiation

Sandra Cearley, sick; Theresa & Cassandra Deiler, both sick
Dawn Hogan (friend of Kruegers) bladder problem; Linda Mann’s niece and family, flu; Aubrey Pack, strep throat; Betty Stuart (Bob Stuart’s sister-in-law) 2 strokes

Carey Leonard, recovering from surgery, more surgery in a few weeks; Ronnie & Alan Bittner, both still sick; Carolyn Miller (Hugh Middleton’s sister) sick; Danny Hopkins (Charles Kimsey’s cousin) ICU, diabetic, kidneys failing
Congratulations to John & Brenda Manz on the birth of a granddaughter, born Wednesday.


Our Shut-Ins
Helen Baker, Della Bowers,  Stella Merrill,
Faye  Nichols,
  Ralph Worley,    
Reva Weeks and  Emma Woody